Robots making Robots? Yes, please. I think.

Back in 2019 I got a Professional Development Grant from United Arts. I used that money to buy my first 3D printer. I was nervous about having this new tool – I wondered whether I would like it? Would I be good at it? So far, I like it and I think my Slobot, Carl 5 shows I am enjoying it!

The first time I sent a Slobot to print on my printer, I thought to myself “I have a robot next to me making a robot!” I’m on the fence about robots making robots, but it makes a good blog title.

So, what has this to do with the current post? Well, I’m glad you asked. Also in 2019, I expanded my art business by creating prints of my Slobots and also of music themes. I guess it was only natural that I would combine the two. I give you “The 3D Printer Robots” which are illustrations of some of my Slobots with an 3D printers heads!

Buy a print here for yourself or someone you love.

Mike Slobot