Are we really ready for robots?

Mike Slobot Carl 5 DB1 Group

Let’s get this out of the way to start, I wasn’t really into robots growing up. Sure, I watched Transformers and had some of the toys, but I was more in my skateboard than robots.

In 2004, I started making robots. I had my paints out, a brush in my hand and was staring at a blank canvas. My wife said “Paint me a robot.” It was a casual request, but it is amazing looking back and seeing how that one statement inspired a total shift in my art. I painted that one robot and never looked back. Now, almost everything I make / create is centered around robots (though I have been making some art that is inspired by music lately too!)

Sometimes I look at the robots, and I think the “idea” of a robot is so cool. I remember very quickly deciding that my Slobots we friendly robots. I think Mechs and Battlebots are fascinating, but they aren’t my thing. I always felt more affinity to Asimov’s robots (the book versions of course!) and to robots like Rosie from the Jetsons that could cook, clean and do laundry.

Lately, though, I think the idea of a computer walking around my house that is connected to everything and is capable of recording everything it sees and hears seems a little overboard.

What do you think?