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Mike Slobot Carl 5 MV1 Group

Are we really ready for robots?

Let’s get this out of the way to start, I wasn’t really into robots growing up. Sure, I watched Transformers and had some of the toys, but I was more in my skateboard than robots. In 2004, I started making robots. I had my paints out, a brush in my hand and was staring at […]

Mike Slobot Bauhaus Robot Set of 4

Robots and the Bauhaus

I’ve always thought the Bauhaus Aesthetic was cool. If you are unfamiliar with the Bauhaus, here’s a brief overview – courtesy of Wikipedia “The Staatliches Bauhaus, commonly known as the Bauhaus (German: “building house”), was a German art school operational from 1919 to 1933 that combined crafts and the fine arts. The school became famous […]

Mike Slobot Carl 5 DB1 Group

Carl 5 Exclusive release with Tenacious Toys

I did two short runs of exclusive Carl 5’s to be released with NYC’s Tenacious Toys. Both have cool glass eyes are have a slightly weathered and textured finish. The colors are pretty cool too. You can purchase them exclusively at Tenacious Toys: Carl 5 DB1NYCC Exclusive – 4.5″ tall and is 3D printed, painted […]