This is a diptych work of art depicting Tweedledee and Tweedledum of Alice in Wonderland as robots. This is the view from the front.

What are the slobots?

The slobots are a mild obsession for me. They are part toy and part fine art sculpture. They are like friends that reflect the better parts of us.

For the most part, the slobots come with stories, each one crafted to suit the particular robot, including things like searching for jobs, love, or meaning, all the way to search and rescue or health and healing themes.  Some have even been dog walkers and dolphin protectors. All in all, the slobots are a friendly race of robots that protect humans and animals.

I use my slobots as a means to comment on the human condition.  I see the idea of a robot that uses its strengths for good as a really positive thing.

Each slobot is built to last and is created to keep at least some of our everyday trash from cluttering up the landfills and garbage dumps.  You can visit mike slobot’s robot sculpture art gallery or the robots painting art gallery…

Are they toys?
Not really, even though they start out or have toy parts on them at times.  The slobots are fragile, and it is best to regard them as sculptural works of art.  Playing with them will probably end up with a damaged sculpture.

Do they move?
No, they do not move on their own, however, some have joints that can be positioned and have a very limited mobility.  In all cases, moving the joints should be handled with extreme care.

mike-2Bslobot-2BDeep-2BSpace-2BFusion-2BCore02Some of the slobots have a very interesting surface texture, what is that?
The texture is a closely guarded secret formula, but it came about because i wanted the slobots to have a certain “feel” to them, that is of a government vehicle, a school bus, or something like that.  the idea is that they have been painted and repainted many times, so that a thick layer of paint has built up over the years.  This is usually contrasted with a silver, grey, or black base coat on other parts, to give them a more metal feel.  I often reply to the question, “What is your favorite color?” with “primer”