The Brillo Bots

I created the first of these “Brillo Bots” back in 2015 or so from a #sketch I made several years earlier. I’ve always been really inspired by #Pop #Art, and #Andy Warhol especially. There is something about his use of everyday objects and design to make new art pieces that I find fascinating. I also […]

Mike Slobot Starlyfer 59 Posters - The trifecta plus 1

Custom Work: The Starflyer 59 Posters

I’ve been a long-time fan of #Starflyer59. I actually got my first taste of Jason Martin’s music via his previous band Dance House Children (with his brother Ronnie). Dance House Children (or DHC) was more of an electronic music project, though, according to the liner notes on the second album, they were heavily inspired by […]

Mike Slobot - The Upgrade 3 Views

The Upgraded Robot

I like the idea of early generation robots looking for identity and meaning as they are surpassed by newer robots. The underlying stories for of a lot of my Slobots involve this idea – looking for meaning by upgrading or changing to become something new. This Slobot is called “The Upgrade” and was finished in […]

Mike Slobot Carl 5 MV1 Group

Are we really ready for robots?

Let’s get this out of the way to start, I wasn’t really into robots growing up. Sure, I watched Transformers and had some of the toys, but I was more in my skateboard than robots. In 2004, I started making robots. I had my paints out, a brush in my hand and was staring at […]