Kraftwerk Autobahn Print featured in Cork, Ireland house that appeared on RTE’s Home of the Year 2021

Quite something to see my work appear out in the world in unexpected places. I got an email this morning inquiring about the Kraftwerk Autobahn print I designed that appeared on the Irish TV show “Home of the Year”. The print is featured in several shots prominently displayed next to the fireplace in a redesigned modernist home in Cork, Ireland. The home is in the running to chosen as Ireland’s Home of the Year.

The print as shown in the episode is custom printed at 24″ x 36″. You can purchase it here at 8″ x 10″, 11″ x 17″, and 13″ x 19″. Larger sizes are available as custom orders, so please contact for deails:

“From the RTE website about the show and episode:


The judges first visit the renovated dormer owned by Norma and Stephen Barrett.

The Barretts bought a site in 1993 and built their dormer house. Six years ago, they decided to modernise the property. “We decided to bring it up to 21st-century standards,” says Norma. “Now it’s more contemporary and more open.” 

Stephen adds: “In 2015, It was a question of renovate or move. The renovation has transformed the house. We’re really happy with what we’ve done here.” 

Stephen, an engineer, and Norma, who works in computer science, worked closely with Cook architects to design the house and they also helped with the decorating.

They have used modern architectural methods such as zinc cladding, the windows have been cleverly planned to bring in as much light and the house has clever detail throughout.

This dormer bungalow is now a modern, bright, spacious and comfortable house.

“My key objective was that every area look similar so there was a fluid feel to the house I like to keep it as clutter-free as I can,” says Norma.

Stephen jokes: “You do like clutter-free, I’ve taken myself out of the recycling bin a few times.” Hugh when he visits is taken by a garden room/office area built at the back.

“We built this garden room on at the back, kind of a secret den which doubles up as an office and a play area for the kids,” says Stephen.

The “perfection of design detail” is what impresses judge Hugh. “I love to see bungalows reinvented,” he says.