Introducing Bumblebot mk1 – Mid Century Modern Style Robot Art

Below is a bit about the Bumblebot Mk1 – if you just want to buy him, here is the link:

A few months ago, I saw these bright colored objects in passing on TV – I thought that, 1 they looked really cool and I needed some and that 2, I wanted to turn at least one into a Slobot.

After doing a bit of research, I found out that they are called “Hoptimists” and that there are two basic styles, “Bumble” and “Bimble”. They were originally created in 1968 by a Danish craftsman named Gustav Ehrenreich. They are classic mid-century modern styled Danish design.

Here’s a bit about them from the official website:

In the late 1960s, Ehrenreich created the first prototypes for Birdie, Bimble and Bumble.
Soon, Ehrenreich and his Hoptimists had become too well-known for production to continue in his small workshop. The rest of the story has become part of Danish design history.

MIke Slobot Bumblebot Mk1 Hans Gustav Ehrenreich Hoptimist Bumble

My Slobot creation on top of a Hoptimist is called “Bumblebot mk1”. He has a bright yellow, slightly textured head and backpack, silver legs and a glow in the dark eye and wires. Like the rest of the Hoptimists, he has a spring in his body that allows him to bounce with a little pat on his head. He is one of a kind and is available for purchase in my Slobot shop here