Build your own Droid at Disney’s new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction

Image: Lucasfilm via MikeShouts

The whole story here is that you can build a lightsaber in one part of the new attraction at Disney and you can build a R or BB-class droid in another shop. Guess which shop I am interested in?

If you are more of a droid person, then you will want to head over to Black Spire Outpost’s industrial depot where you will begin your journey of making the droid of your choice like Anakin did. The experience starts at $99 plus tax and you get top choice between BB-Series and R-Series droid. Each droid build includes a carry box, instructions, a choice of personality-affiliation chips and other accessories for you to pick from. The droid build allows you, the builder, and one other guest to participate. The final result is a remote control droid via Bluetooth which can play with.

That all sounds good and well – but I would prefer a reprogrammed Imperial droid like K-2SO if I get to vote.

via MikeShouts