Andy Warhol vs. Kidrobot in the Artist’s First Dunny Series!

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This is a collaboration that was a long time coming and one of my personal favorites. I have created some Slobot art over the years in homage to Andy Warhol, including this robot campbell’s soup can and a robot using a brillo box to change a lightbulb. In his first excursion with Kidrobot, Pop Artist Andy Warhol’s iconic art has been used to adorn the latest Kidrobot Dunny series, and it looks great. The Dunny designs cover a lot of Andy’s most iconic works, including the Campell’s Soup Paintings, the Velvet Underground album art, and the Marilyn Monroe Series.

Andy Warhol passed away in 1987 after complications during routine surgery, but I have to imagine that given his penchant for Pop Culture, he’d have loved this collaboration with Kidrobot.  If you aren’t familiar with Kidrobot, you can read a post I wrote here about the pop design company’s early years. The new Dunnys are available for purchase at