Can’t we all just get along? My robots think so #maketechhuman #slobot

SLOBOTS Cant We All Just Get Along Make Tech Human robotsWe see it everyday.  The Matrix, The Terminator, Transformers…  robots destroying humans, humans destroying robots, humans destroying humans and robots destroying robots.

I think Isaac Asimov had it right, his robots were helping people for the most part, even if they went a little wonky once in a while…  When I started making my Slobots, I had that thought from the beginning – that they were friends with humans and animals.  They are someone you could count on – like a best friend made of metal.  They just want to be loved and love back in a nice, friendly way.  Just like us, my Slobots are trying to make their way in this world with hopes, dreams, and maybe even fears…

So that’s what I think – can’t we all just get along?  No need to fight and have epic battles. Check out my Slomunny Guardian or BRNCL BLL – just a couple of robots trying to help out!