A Robot Invasion from Gabe Lanza


Gabe Lanza Traffic Jam

Gabe Lanza is an artist from Chicago, IL.  He makes lots of great art, with bright, almost primary colors that makes you feel a sense of nostalgia.  Several of Lanza’s pieces are not just paintings, but assemblages of layered shapes, creating a great 3D effect. Seen here are 4 of his pieces that focus on robots (our faves, of course!) but he has lots more interesting work as well.

From the Artist:  “My love for robots began at an early age. Whether it was Voltron, Transformers or Go-Bots…I always had one in my hand. Soon I discovered the beauty of tin-robots and my collection grew more. You’ll notice many of my colors, patterns and designs are based on these old toys.”

You can check out his work on his website: http://www.gabelanza.com/


Gabe Lanza Urban Dispute


Gabe Lanza Do Not Resist


Gabe Lanza Corrie Robot