It all started with Starflyer 59 a poster

This is a post about my favorite band(s) and some posters I made. If you just want to see what’s for sale and buy some, click here to head to the music print section of my shop.

I have a favorite band. Its Starflyer 59. Way back in 1994, Starflyer 59 released a self-titled album with an entirely silver cover. The album was not officially called “Silver”, but that’s how most everyone refers to it.

Mike Slobot - Starflyer 59 - Silver Minimal Alternative Poster Print Art

From the first guitar riff, I was immediately blown away. It was a deep, heavily distorted wall of guitars and some almost whispered vocals over a sparse drum line. Sort of melancholy music. The style of music is known as shoegaze and Starflyer 59 started my journey into this type of music. In time, I found Ride, Slowdive, and a host of other music in the genre. To this day, I still listen to most of these artists and other new music is being made in the genre to this day…

So, why am I writing this? Starflyer 59’s early vinyl records are really hard to find – they regularly sell for $200 on ebay. Starflyer 59 t-shirts pop up occasionally. Starflyer 59 posters and art prints basically don’t exist. With that in mind (and since I’m an artist!) I decided to make myself a poster that reflected my favorite band and my favorite album. Once I made the poster for “Silver”, then I made one for Starflyer’s second full album “Gold”. Then I started making them for a few of my other favorite bands.

There are 10 so far. You should go buy one. Or two or three even. Seriously, they are really cool and not that expensive. You can find them in my my Slobot shop, Etsy shop or on ebay.