The Art Army is Taking Over


The Art Army – Jasper Johns by Mike Leavitt

To see Mike Leavitt’s Art Army is to witness one of the most ground breaking art projects of our time. History should look back and remember an artist that used his talent to immortalize fellow artists, almost like a sketchbook of great artists.  Leavitt’s work covers modern art masters all the way up through contemporary artists, and includes musicians, film stars, and visual artists.

One of my favorites, is the Jasper Johns sculpture which incorporates John’s iconic Flag paintings, crosshatch paintings (for pants!) and  Target Paintings into a caricature of the artist.  Leavitt has managed to make cool, pose-able art “action figures” completely out of polymer clay and wood.  Each one is a miniature masterpiece in itself.



The Art Army – Johnny Cash by Mike Leavitt


The Art Army – Kaws by Mike Leavitt

Art Army_EllsworthKelly

The Art Army – Ellsworth Kelly by Mike Leavitt


The Art Army – Cy Twombly by Mike Leavitt