A Guardian Angel Robot

Detail Mike Slobot Kidrobot Munny Vinyl Toy Robot Guardian Angel 02As part of the Art Without Borders 2 show, Mike Slobot created the SloMunny Guardian, a heavily modified 7″ Kidrobot Munny.  Mike had done several of these SloMunny’s over the years, including SloMunny v4, SloMunny v3, and Peacemaker 5 (which actually had a sidekick, in SLOBOT speak – a “SloFriend”).  The SloMunny Guardian is available for purchase via ArtWhino.com.

Since the theme of the show was to help support Doctors Without Borders, a guardian angel robot seemed appropriate.  The SLOBOT features a big green glow in the dark eye, positional arms and wings, and glow wires.  He stands about 13″ tall and 9″ from wingtip to wingtip.

Mike Slobot Kidrobot Glow in the Dark Munny Robot 03 Side View Mike Slobot Kidrobot Munny Robot Guardian Angel 01slobots.com Mike Slobot Kidrobot Munny Robot Artwhino.com Guardian Angel Back Detail 04 Mike Slobot Kidrobot Munny Robot Guardian Angel Back Doctors Without Borders