andy warhol = prolific.

Andy Warhol works (the foundation estimates there are more than 100,000 of them) accounted for an estimated 17 per cent of the Contemporary auction market in 2010.

100,000 pieces and 17% of the contemporary auction market in 2010!  Wow.  Talk about being a prolific artist.  Is it real or is it warhol?  Unfortunately, the link about is about some snafu with a board of Warhol scholars that were trying to verify real Warhol works vs. fake Warhol works – nevertheless, 100,000 works in a lifetime is amazing in the scope of creation.

I consider some of my SLOBOT work to be modern takes on Andy’s legacy, like this Star Wars Wampa that I turned into a SLOBOT. I even got a little more literal when i made these mixed media drawings:  Campbells SoupBot and Mike Slobot vs. The Brillo Box.

andy warhol brillo boxWarhol - Self PhotoWarhol - Paper Dollard4101152x Andy Warhol - Velvet Underground & Nico