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slobots in the new issue of gizmag!

this was a fun interview. everyone answered the questions by hand, so there are lots of doodles and scribbles and colors. here’s the download link: http://gizmag.eu/view/pdfmag5/ included in this issue: 64 colors – Katrin Kirojood – Michael Maitland – Titi + The German Kid – Akina – Meeshle – and, of course, the slobots.

Slobot Kaijin?!?

Slobot Kaijin?!?

“Slobotakku-10 Super Kaijin Robot Defender was created by a crack team of Scientists to assist the City Police Forces in global defense from the influx of space monsters bent on world destruction. His likes include long walks on the boardwalk and human friends.” Created for “Kaiju Invades New York City” Show that opens April 19 […]