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Here are some more slobots, recently finished and part of the show: 6×6 These are originals, mostly found objects, including recyclable materials, aluminum arms and legs, and other everyday detritus. They are app. 6″x6″x12″ (slo-herren) and 6″x6″x9″ (slo-damen). There are quite a few other pics, and also a story to go along with the robots […]


BIGFOOT exposed!!!

“Contrary to popular legend, the Bigfoot is not a menace to society out to cause harm to humans. In fact, in the late 1950’s, a crack team of scientists, concerned with the overall welfare of global forests, responded to the startling rate that trees were being cut down.Using state of the art technology, the scientists […]


a slobot farmer? on mars!

   this is my latest slobot that i finished up for the TOY BOX APATHY show in Las Vegas, NV in the upstairs gallery at THE ATTIC LAS VEGAS . Custom 7″ munny (approx 12″ with new legs) with positionable arms, lucite arms and legs, found objects, and positionable “glider” wings. His story: SlomunnyV4 is […]

slobot at it again....

slobot at it again….

Name: SLOMUNNYV3 Type: Custom 4″ Kidrobot Mini Munny Story: The SlomunnyV3 is the third generation of Slomunnys and has evolved with a higher sense of care for humans and animals. While possessing incredible strength and the ability to crush cars and trucks with his iron grip, the gentle little robot would rather spend his days […]