Inspiration: Shan Michael Evans

ShanMichaelEvans_Wooden Robots 005Shan Michael Evans (aka Squidnik’s) work is brightly colored and is amazing in its ability to be so ethereal and so techy at the same time.  Shan uses bright colors and interesting themes to portray happiness and sadness at the same time. I’ve picked some of our favorites here, but his body of work is really large.  There are robots (our faves of course!), zombies, bears, and space characters.

You can see more of his work on his site:  The Art of Shan Michael Evans

ShanMichaelEvans_Wood-Bots ShanMichaelEvans_washing machine munny 2 ShanMichaelEvans_robot munny oil 1 Shan Michael Evans_Wooden Robot Shan Michael Evans_Wooden Robot 2 Shan Michael Evans_Glow Bot MadL Robot ShanMichaelEvans_Coffee Robot ShanMichaelEvans_10MadL Robot 002