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BIGFOOT exposed!!!

“Contrary to popular legend, the Bigfoot is not a menace to society out to cause harm to humans. In fact, in the late 1950’s, a crack team of scientists, concerned with the overall welfare of global forests, responded to the startling rate that trees were being cut down.Using state of the art technology, the scientists […]

new slobots

Created for “Tokyo Plastic – King of the Monsters” Show that opens April 26, 2008 at Toy Tokyo’s Gallery “Showroom NYC” in the East Village at 117 Second Avenue, 2nd floor. This Slobot is a custom 12″ Tokyo Plastic Kokeshi or Geisha figure. Included in the construction are a mirrored eye, clear acrylic and moveable […]

Slobots Featured in Iniciativa Colectiva Magazine Issue 9

Hey, Hey The slobots are featured in Issue 9 (March 2008) of the art magazine Iniciativa Colectiva.  The Included slobots are SloDuny Hydro, SloBart.1, and SloQee7b EDIT:  Iniciativa Colectiva has ceased publishing, but you can read the online version of the magazine at the following link:  http://issuu.com/iniciativacolectiva/docs/ic9/30 Check it out!