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Penny Skateboards

these are so colorful that i couldn’t resist a post.  real life, super retro 70s style skateboards in a huge pile of cool color combinations.  there is even a glow in the dark version! check out the full lineup at www.pennyskateboards.com.  apparently these are really strong.  see video below. i bet if andy warhol were […]


Mike Slobot presents Transporter-2

This is a new Slobot commission created by Mike Slobot.  Transporter-2 is approximately 15" tall, includes many glow in the dark parts, as well as a removable figure.  This commission was created for a client who is a wheel chair user.  He is interested in human-robot interaction and how robots might be a valuable, meaningful […]


slobots get a write up in Japanese Mag “Mono”

There’s been some press for the Kaiju Comrades II show that the slobots participated in.  the show took place at Tokyo’s Design Festa Gallery in the Harajuku district.  the roster of artists was huge, and the slobots were fortunate to get some great coverage in the Japanese magazine “Mono” – thanks to Mark Nagata for […]