modern sculpture – defined by auguste rodin!

so, i went to a library sale last month, and i am still digging through the pile of cool art, architecture and scifi books i picked up. i blogged earlier about some of the architecture, and now i am reading though book “Modern Sculpture” by Jean Selz, published in 1963 by George Braziller.

i am motivated most recently toward sculptures with my slobots, and i am thoroughly inspired by the idea of abstract and modern scuplture. so, far this is a really engaging book tracing the movement into modern sculpture. i just read a chapter about the changes that Rodin brought into the art world. he was accused by some critics of his time of not being able to “finish a sculpture”. in response, Rodin wrote these words:

“I am reproached for not finishing my sculptures and for presenting the public with sketches. The essential modeling is done, I consider it unnecessary to linger over the polishing of toes and curls; those details do not interest me.”

i am fascinated by this quote. While he was clearly capable of making the most realistic of sculptures, Rodin was one of the first sculptors to move past the idea of realism as the only acceptable means of producing art, and reached into the notion that art can be based on feeling and movement alone. Just think, without Rodin, there would be no “thinker” (pun intended), but also he is a bridge into modern sculpture, including my ability to sculpt slobots… this book is a great read, and here’s some more Rodin imagery, including “the Thinker”…