Slo-damen and Slo-herren


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Product Description

“Slo-Damen and Slo-Herren are a breed of robots created in the late 1930s by noted German scientist Gottlieb Pfeifle. Sensing the tides of war coming, and possessing a general distaste for all things war-like, the two robots caught the last ship out to Mars on the eve of the invasion of Poland that began WWII. On Mars they opened their Martian Space Port and Lunch Counter, where they continue to this day, servicing spacecraft and prepping meals for weary travelers.”

Found Objects, Old Toys, and other everyday detritus, positionable aluminum arms, aluminum legs, mirrored “eye”. App. 6″x6″x12″. The artist’s collection.

Art prints of these SLOBOTs are available here: