Servo2 – Mike Slobot vs DrilOne


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Product Description

Story: SERV02 was created for espionage and domestic spy work. He quickly tired of the duplicitous nature of his job and despaired even of living. Once, on assignment, he met and befriended several humans, realizing a love for humans and a joy in life he was missing. Coincidentally, SERV02 met Junky Jim, the “Ice Cream Tycoon in the Stars” and was offered the chance to purchase an astronaut ice cream shop on Venus. SERV02 had himself repainted a nice ice cream friendly shade, put a down payment on his new ice cream shop and is presently on his way to Venus. He plans on using his talents in espionage to predict a Venusian’s favorite flavor of ice cream.

Type: Heavily customized 8″ Kid Robot Dunny, Aluminum arms and legs, positionable ears and arms. Approximately 16″ tall. Sculpture by Mike Slobot, weathering by DrilOne.