Mariner 2014 Prone Paddleboard Robot

Product Description

Mariner 2014 is a commission piece from a collector who has requested several surfing / aquatic / ocean themed robots. Created as part of the Mariner Series. The base figure is a Hasbro Mighty Mugg, and the legs, arms, and surfboard (technically a Prone Paddleboard) were all scratch builds.  The surfboard was carved and sanded into shape with foam and then coated with 3 coats of Smooth On SmoothCast 300 Resin, sanded smooth, and painted.  The hands were molded and cast with Smooth On Mold Star 15 and Smoothcast 300. Stands about 12″ tall with the surfboard.

His Story:  “Mariner 2014 was deployed in 2014 as a Prone Paddleboard robot.  He is related to the SUPbot team, and shares their love for sea life, especially sea turtles.  He spends his time paddling around the world, helping the turtles with a specially tuned extra sensory device. This device alerts him to a sea turtle in danger and also tells him when hatchlings are getting ready to be born. He then helps make sure the hatchlings get to the water quickly to start growing into healthy adults.”