Even Positrons Get the Blues – New Order Blue Monday

Product Description

“Even Positrons Get the Blues” is an original mixed-media painting featuring New Order’s Blue Monday 1988 cover for inspiration – which, incidentally, appears to have been inspired by Color Field Painter Kenneth Noland.  The phrasing hand written by Mike Slobot on the canvas plays on the title of the song – “Blue Monday” and also Isaac Asimov’s robots, namely his “positronic brain” that powered the robots in his stories like I, Robot.

“Even Positrons Get the Blues” was part of the Music to My Ears Show at Toy Art Gallery in Los Angeles.  The show featured artists creating work that exemplified how they felt about music.  This little robot enjoys New Order’s music so much that he is wearing it on his head.

This is a large 16″ x 20″ mixed media painting featuring New Order’s Blue Monday 88 as a robot’s head.  Perfect for the music lover in your life or for someone who just can’t get enough of the 80s.  How can it feel?