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Mike Slobot ( and the band Anakin ( present the “AnakinBots”, handmade collectible robot sculptures created by artist Mike Slobot and inspired by the music of Anakin, each individual bot within this limited edition set represents 1 specific album of 4 released by the band.

The nexus for these Slobots came from a mutual love of synthesizers, science fiction, space and most importantly robots.

These Slobots are one of a kind, hand created collectibles reserved to 5 in each colorway.

  • 4″ tall
  • Glow in the dark eyes and wires
  • Custom paint
  • Hand numbered
  • Limited to 5


Each set comes with 4 limited edition Anakin releases complete with lyrics.

Individual bots come in their own protective display case with custom numbered cards. Various hand-picked lyrics by Anakin are printed within the product case cards to keep each piece truly custom and unique.

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