3 Philosophers


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Product Description

“Three Philosophers standing in a room, waxing philosophical on ethics, aesthetics, and various other thought provoking topics. These three philosophers love to discuss the ins and outs of the most complex and innane subjects equally. While lacking vocal instruments, they still manage to share their ideas both grand and verbose, by communicating telepathically with each other and everyone else as well. If you find yourself suddenly full of more thoughts than you can keep track of, there is probably a slobot Philosopher in the room.”

This is a LARGE triptych of 3 slobot sculptures:  Each one is app. 10″x10″x20″, with a total app. 30″ wide x 20″ tall)
Found Objects, Old and new Toys, and other everyday detritus.

Due to the oversize nature of this item, an additional shipping charge of $50.00 is required in the US, International orders will add $100 to the international shipping charge.