slobot x kidrobot munny for the summer munny show 2008

Just finished, and on her way to the show. more pics on my website…

Here’s the link to purchase:

Type: Custom 7″ Kidrobot Munny
Story: Created as part of summer munny show 2008, available for purchase after Aug 9, 2008.

Found Objects, Old and new Toys, and other everyday detritus, positionable arms, aluminum legs, mirrored “eye”. App. 7″x7″x14 tall”

“SLOBOT-mPATH is a medical service robot specially skilled in the art of healing. Her primary purpose in life is to be a constant source of healing energy to her patients. Using a complex form of “emotional radar”, the mPATH will monitor a patient’s vital signs. She will then emote via her hair tendtricles™, a complimentary sonic wave to boost the patient’s emotional well-being.”