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rik allen and his great glass rocketships.

i found Rik’s work somewhere on the internet that escapes me at the moment. at any rate, this is wonderful work. the blown glass shapes that serve as the canopies of space ships and internal parts of these ships are really amazing. In Rik’s own words – “The futuristic antiquity of this series was inspired […]


in future, everyone will have their own slobot pharmacist!

in the future, everyone will have their own robot pharmacist… this is BIGpharma v2.0 (you can see BIGpharma 1.0 here). BIGpharma 2.0 is included in the show “thawed-out” at nowhere limited in colorado. the show opens February 21. BIGpharma stands about 12″ tall and is a one-of-a-kind slobot made from found objects, recyclable materials, old […]