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Carl 5 (Mike Slobot x DrilOne)

Carl 5 Robot (Mike Slobot vs DrilOne Editions)

Carl 5 mk 3 is a small robot sculpture designed and printed by robot artist Mike Slobot as part of his robot universe “The Slobots”. The Carl 5 series are robot plumbers and can be found on many interstellar cruise ships. Stands about 4″ tall. two seperate one of a kind version – custom finished […]

The Domonator – Mike Slobot vs DrilOne

Mike Slobot vs DrilOne The Domonator

Mike did a collaboration project with fellow artist Alex DrilOne.  “The Domonator” is the result.  Usually the Slobots are all bright colors and sunny dispositions, but this guy has been through the ringer! We suspect that he is still a happy robot though.  Stands approximately 4″ tall.  Robot by Mike Slobot, Rusting and weathering by […]

Servo2 – Mike Slobot vs DrilOne


Story: SERV02 was created for espionage and domestic spy work. He quickly tired of the duplicitous nature of his job and despaired even of living. Once, on assignment, he met and befriended several humans, realizing a love for humans and a joy in life he was missing. Coincidentally, SERV02 met Junky Jim, the “Ice Cream […]



This the 3rd Slobot vs. DrilOne Collaboration “Slobot Sentry v5 is a world-class first in Slobotics. Capable of extreme feats of strength and an increased awareness of humans and animals in its vicinity make it the perfect robot for guard duty on large estates. Uniquely equipped with high visibility in low light, the Slobot Sentry […]