Slo-Herren and Slo-Damen Robot Pop Art Print



Product Description

Whenever we make a new SLOBOT here at the factory, we always try and take great robot photos of them for our files, but also to share with others.  Since most SLOBOTs are unique, this gives others the opportunity to enjoy the work.

This is a Robot Pop Art Print photo of Slo-Herren and Slo-Damen.  Slo-Herren loves Slo-Damen and in this picture he has just returned from the market with a flower for her.

They are a breed of robots created in the late 1930s by noted German scientist Gottlieb Pfeifle. Sensing the tides of war coming, and possessing a general distaste for all things war-like, the two robots caught the last ship out to Mars on the eve of the invasion of Poland that began WWII. On Mars they opened their Martian Space Port and Lunch Counter, where they continue to this day, servicing spacecraft and prepping meals for weary travelers. Slo-Damen and Slo-Herren have been sold, but you can see more pictures of them on their product page or even commission something similar.

Robot art photo prints are made to order and are professionally printed for long life. Prints ship unframed. Available in 2 sizes – 5×7 and 8×10 and are ready to be framed in standard size picture frames.  Print will be signed and dated by Mike Slobot on the reverse side.

Please note: colors may appear differently on different monitors, though we do our best to be as accurate in the colors as possible. All artwork by slobot, mike slobot, and mheisler is copyright protected, may not be reproduced or reprinted without written permission. Purchase of work does not transfer copyright. Artist retains all rights.  The Art of Slobot is a registered trademark of 3 Group LLC.

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